Hills of the Hunter

This weekend I went away with David Oliver and Peter Eastway — two of Australia’s leading photographers — and some friends from the Flickr FOCUS group.

We attended an intense two-day landscape photography workshop with David and Peter, and shot in and around Gresford and Dungog in the picturesque Hunter Valley, both from the ground and from the air on an early-morning helicopter flight.

The aerial photography component was all about beautiful lighting and capturing the contours of the landscape.

This was the stand-out image from the aerial session.

Hills of the Hunter

Hills of the Hunter

With this image, all of the elements aligned, except I didn’t know it at the time.

A glorious patch of light illuminated this isolated tree on the rolling hills, and a natural leading line points right at it.  Also hidden within the intricacies of this image are animals grazing on the hills.

It was a fantastic weekend, and this image alone was very pleasing.  Peter made an A3 print of this image, so I will have it framed and hang it proudly in our home.

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Landscape Photography Workshop with Two Grand Masters

This weekend I am attending a landscape photography workshop in the Hunter Valley, hosted by two Australian Grand Masters of Photography: Peter Eastway and David Oliver.

I have met both of these charming photographers in the past, but this weekend I will gain a more personal experience shooting landscapes with them, and learning from their many years of experience.

It should give my landscape photography (which has been on a hiatus for too long) a much-needed kick-start.  One of the highlights of the workshop is a helicopter flight for some aerial photography of the landscape in which we will be immersed.

Hopefully upon my return I will have some fresh and pleasing images.

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Last Night in London

It’s hard to believe that our London trip was nearly a year ago.

During a thoroughly enjoyable time there, I managed to land a few pleasing shots, one of which I had not published until just yesterday.  In fact I did publish the image, but it was a black and white version.

Here’s the original colour version of an image I captured of one of London’s iconic landmarks, during a rainy and gloomy night, which happened to be our last night in London.

Last Night in London

Last Night in London


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