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Twilight Delight

The view of Sydney‘s skyline from the western side of Darling Harbour is always a beautiful spectacle as the evening twilight descends.

I have photographed it before, and I will photograph it again.

This time, I captured a view of that same skyline from the south-western corner of Cockle Bay, right outside the new International Convention Centre.

Twilight Delight

Twilight Delight

The angle is different to what I have captured before, and now depicts the completed skyscrapers at Barangaroo to the far left of the frame.

This place is always a pleasure to visit and photograph.


Milson’s Point View

A view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from Milson’s Point at twilight.

Milson's Point View

Milson’s Point View

This year I have decided to make more of an effort to get out and shoot regularly.

For this most recent weeknight shoot (my third of 2017), I decided to re-visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which I rarely photograph any more.

The last time I captured a serious image here was in 2005!

So, here it is: the iconic bridge for which Sydney is famous.

Re-Visiting a Scene Six Years Later

During the week, I had the unusual opportunity to shoot a twilight cityscape.

It is not something I tend to do very often, but circumstance created the opportunity, which I seized, including a visit to a few of the big city camera stores.

I figured we would afterwards head over to Darling Harbour for some dinner, followed by a twilight cityscape in the area.

The image I had in mind was one I had shot before, but I did not mind re-visiting it, particularly with my new Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM lens, which I was itching to use again after the previous week’s photoshoot in the city.

Here is the image I captured on this most recent outing:

Summer Night in the City

Summer Night in the City

Whilst having dinner very close to this scene earlier in the night, I recalled shooting a summer twilight in the same area some years ago. As it turned out, it was on the exact day (the 19th of January) in 2011 on which I shot a similar image.

This was the image I captured six years earlier:


City Lights and City Nights

City Lights and City Nights

It was not my intention to shoot the same scene (the composition, angle and position are somewhat different), and nor did I realise at first that the date was the same date I last shot this scene.

Sometimes strange co-incidences happen, and this was one of them.

Otherwise, it was nice to be out shooting again, particularly as I can go for months without picking up a camera.  Having a new lens certainly acts as a motivator, and I will endeavour this year to get out and about far more than I have done over the past several years.

Re-visiting a Six-Year-Old Brisbane Cityscape

On a wet and cold Sunday, I decided to re-visit a six-year old image and process it quite differently.

Firstly, here is the result:

Brisbane City from Kangaroo Point

Brisbane City from Kangaroo Point

In this version, the distortion has been corrected, and the contrast is much less aggressive.

As a point of comparison, here is the original version:

Brisbane City from Kangaroo Point

Brisbane City from Kangaroo Point

Naturally the perspective correction resulted in the loss of some subject matter — notably a building on the right side which has been completely eliminated from the new version of the image.

If I were to shoot the same image again, I’d ensure that I’d keep the axis of the lens parallel to the ground to avoid introducing perspective distortion in the first place; but otherwise I am pleased with the new version of this image.

Rainy Riverside

On our first night in London for a long time, we headed to Tower Bridge, where I had intended to shoot the bridge in the royal blue twilight light.

The weather had other ideas. As the darkness crept in, so did the rain, and it drizzled relentlessly as we cowered under the barely-adequte shelter outside London’s City Hall.

Earlier, I did manage to land a shot adjacent to The Scoop, looking west along the riverside.

Rainy Riverside

Rainy Riverside

In the distance can be seen The Shard, one of London’s newer buildings, which affords stunning views of London.

The London skyline has changed a lot since my previous trip in 2000, but the weather can still be quite miserable!

Sydney Skyline from Balmain East

Headed out this afternoon for a shoot (the first in a while).

I wanted a cityscape, but not from one of the usual locations (eg, Sydney Cove) and not containing the usual subjects (ie, the SHB or SOH).  After some recce at Balmain East on the weekend, we headed to a spot which looked promising.

I was hoping for some golden hour goodness, but due to the cloud cover the golden hour was very brief (less than a minute!) and the light wasn’t hitting the spot (literally).   Twilight was also on the agenda, so here is the result:

Sydney Skyline from Balmain East

Sydney Skyline from Balmain East

Archibald Fountain at Twilight

Tonight I had the opportunity for an evening twilight shoot.

I hadn’t shot a ‘scape since January, so it was time I headed out.

I decided to shoot the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park.  I arrived quite early and had some time to sit, think and watch the happenings around me.

I shot some daylight exposures, but naturally that wasn’t the light I sought, and I knew it.  Once the light was right, I shot properly, and this is the result:

Archibald Fountain at Twilight

Archibald Fountain at Twilight

This image is an HDR image blended from six identically-framed exposures ranging from 2.5 seconds to 80 seconds.

Evening twilight light is calling me.  I’ve done enough dawns for a while.  Evening twilight is much easier to manage.

One thing to note about this location is that achieving a good composition is difficult.  There’s a lot of subject matter at the scene, and a lot of background clutter in the way of trees and other distractions.

In my case, for my composition I wanted the fountain itself (the main subject), the cathedral (secondary subject) and the royal blue twilight sky to all feature prominently.   I also wanted to use typical rule-of-thirds composition, and position the waterfall so that its water spray was placed against the sky rather than the background clutter.