Capturing the City: Return to Action

During a time of holidays and some special times, my long-dormant urge to get out and capture images has thankfully risen to the surface, and the photographer’s itch has become pervasive.

I have been wanting to get out and shoot, and of late I have been more drawn towards cityscapes and architecture than any other subject matter.

On a rare mid-week session, I headed to Circular Quay, a very busy precinct which I haven’t photographed much for quite some years now.

In the mid-to-late afternoon, I scouted for some vantage points along the western side of the Quay, and finally settled on the observation deck of the International Passenger Terminal, which affords a higher view, and additionally was empty and free from passers by.

I waited for the blue hour, and captured this view of Sydney which I have not seen (or photographed) before.

Circular Quay West

Circular Quay West

My effort was worth it, and it was good to capture a view of the city not often seen, which I found surprising, as the International Passenger Terminal provides a good vantage point.  I’m sure other photographers have used it.

During my time scouting for a location, I had difficulty finding a pleasing composition.  I tried a few spots along the western side of the Quay, including the circular area seen at the centre of the image.

The problem I encountered there was that while the view was good, the tallest building in the scene (the darker skyscraper near the centre) wouldn’t fit into the image in landscape orientation (even with a 16mm lens), which is what I wanted for my image.

When I captured this image, it was my second visit to that particular spot.  The ideal location would have been right in the middle of the water, on an island, of course.  Unfortunately there isn’t such a location, so the view I captured was the most pleasing from the west side of the Quay.

Feeling Itchy

From a photographic perspective, things have been quiet.  A combination of a busy schedule, a change in priorities, and a general lack of motivation, has meant that I have not shot an image for months.

Here we are, over four months into 2015, and photographically I have nothing to show for it.

Until now, that is.

Tonight for the first time this year, I published a new image, one captured this year.

We have family in town, and our visitors are staying in an apartment close to the Sydney.  From their balcony, there is a magnificent view of the Sydney skyline, from the ANZAC Bridge across to much of the city.

Tonight while visiting, I decided to shoot some twilight images of the city, and here is what I shot:

The View Sucks

The View Sucks

This is just a small part of the view from the balcony, shot with a telephoto lens to hone in on some of the skyline as twilight descended.

Over the past few days, I’ve been starting to develop an itch — the kind which makes me want to get back into photography again.  It’s all a balancing act, but I have some time off, and soon I plan to start experimenting with something I’ve not done before.

I am successful, it will be a new style of photography for me.  It’s something I’ve seen and quite liked, and while it’s been done before, and done very well, it hasn’t yet been done by me.

So, perhaps a new photographic project, combined with some time to re-engage, will get me back into the process of image making.

I might even find the inspiration to shoot a seascape again, too!

Turimetta Swell

This is an image I shot in January of 2012 at Sydney’s well-photographed Turimetta Beach.

Turimetta Swell

Turimetta Swell

This particular scene is further away from the main gorge and rocks featured in so many images.

The morning brought a few successful images, but this one had sat untouched and unpublished for the past three years.

A moody, rain-laden sky combined with a decent swell made for some pleasing cascades and flows along the rock shelf towards North Narrabeen.