Stormy Lurline

Yesterday at my Lurline Bay dawn seascape shoot, I concentrated on a small number of compositions in my quest for strong images.

Thus far, I’ve published two images from the shoot.

The following image was captured earlier in the morning than the previous image I published, but in my view, and apparently in the view of many who’ve seen it, it’s the stronger image.

Stormy Lurline

Stormy Lurline

Of the two images, I much prefer the drama of this image.

This image is a single, two-minute exposure, made at f/5.6 and ISO 200.

I normally shoot ‘scapes at ISO 100 and f/11, so under those exposure settings the shutter would have been open for 16 minutes.  By then, the scene would have blown out, as the light intensity at dawn increases very rapidly.

What makes this image work for me is:

  1. the colour contrast between the rocks and sky/water area;
  2. the colour saturation (blue is a favourite hue of mine);
  3. the streaking cloud resulting from the long exposure;
  4. the contrast of the rich rock texture against the smooth water and streaky sky;
  5. the use of darkness I added in post-processing;
  6. the simplicity of the composition; and
  7. the balance between land, sky and water.

Now, while it might seem a little conceited to critique one’s own image, I consider it important to analyse one’s own images to see why they work or what about them is appealing.  This can also help with critiquing other people’s images.

I hope those who see this image enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


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