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Shani Shines

As I wrote earlier today, this afternoon I had a portrait session planned with Shani.

The weather was perfect for what I had in mind, and at Carss Park, a place I had visit during my childhood, I shot a number of portraits of Shani in the park.

The theme was ‘summer girl in the park’, and I specifically wanted to use warm, available light and reflectors to capture Shani‘s beauty.

Here is one of the stand-out images from the session:



This image was shot mid-afternoon when the sunlight was still fairly harsh, but slowly becoming warmer.

I love the very slightly dishevelled, wind-swept look here, and the intensity of her eyes.  Using only natural light and a gold reflector or two, the sunlight was bounced back to reveal her eyes and complexion against the rich green grass in the background.

Later on, for the very brief period of time late in the afternoon when the sun was close to dipping behind the landscape, I captured Shani in actual golden hour light, but again made the most of reflectors rather than messing around with flashes.

If you have good light, why not use it?

Here is one of my favourite shots of Shani basking in the sunlight:

Shani at the Park

Shani at the Park

There will be more images to follow in the coming days, but for now I am very pleased with the images.

Shani has again shown herself to be a great model with a look that suits my style of portraiture.

A Second Portrait Session with Shani

Today I am heading off for a second portrait session with Shani.

Our first session was drastically altered due to wet weather, but I still saw potential for a great shoot, so I changed the location (which would provide shelter) and the style of the shoot.

Amongst some very pleasing images we shot on the day was this image:

The Look

The Look

Today we are heading to the original venue I had in mind, with the original theme I had in mind, under the original weather conditions I had in mind.

My intention is to utilise the available light as much as possible (which I also did during our first shoot), but I will have my most of my rig of lighting equipment with me in case we need it or decide to get a little more creative.

Shani is a great model, and I am seeing some nice images in my mind for this afternoon‘s shoot.

Back into Portraiture

It has been quite a while since I shot portraits — over eighteen months, in fact.

Until today, my last portraits shoot was in November of 2010.  I decided to take a break from shooting portraits, and as it turned out, I spent most of 2011 shooting images outside the scope of my main two subject matter interests: seascapes and portraits.

By chance at a group photoshoot/workshop recently, I ran into Chris, whom I had previously met in the pre-dawn darkness at a seascape shoot early in April.

This time Chris had his daughter with him.  While I was setting up, he came over, introduced his daughter Shani, and told me they were both interested in doing some portrait work with me.  With one look at her amazing eyes, I knew that she should be in front of my camera.

Let me introduce Shani:



See what I mean about her eyes?

Not only does Shani work well in front of a camera, but she is a fashion designer who designs and makes her own clothing.

In the future, she will be modelling her designs and creations in front of my lens.

Shani is a great model, lots of fun, and we are looking forward to creating more images together.  We have a few concepts in mind, so it is only a matter of time before the images come to life.

Here is another image I shot of Shani earlier during our session today.



I am looking forward to working more with Shani, and that chance meeting, combined with the group shoot/workshop, re-invigorated my desire to shoot portraits.

To quote one of my favourite YouTube personalities, “life is good”.