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Portrait Session with Anabelle

It has been a few years since I shot any portraits, and in recent months, the desire to shoot some more portraiture came back to me.

A friend of mine has a very photogenic daughter, Anabelle, who I thought would make a great subject.

In terms of location and conditions, I want to photograph her in natural surroundings during the warmth of the late afternoon light.

I also wanted to use my new lens for the shoot, plus my staple portraiture lens.

We headed over to Rouse Hill Regional Park, where, after some earlier recce, I had located a nice lake with trees and grasses surrounding it.

Here are some of the images I captured:



In this image, I captured this distant shot of Anabelle beaming as the sun shone upon her.

Anabelle in the Park

Anabelle in the Park

For this image, I specifically wanted rim lighting on Anabelle‘s hair, so I had her facing away from the sun, and I used a reflector to bounce the wam, late afternoon light back onto her.

When photographing human subjects during golden hour, the challenge is that even though the sun is low in the sky, if a human subject looks into the sun, the eyes will be largely hidden due to squinting.

That never looks good in images, so the work-around is to have the subject facing either 90 degrees or 180 degrees away from the sun, and use a reflector to bounce the light back.

Lastly, a black and white image:

Portrait of Anabelle

Portrait of Anabelle

This is a close-up portrait of Anabelle as she sat in the park during the final moments before sunset.

While this image was originally shot in colour, I also wanted a striking black and white version.

All in all, it was a fun and productive session.

It was Anabelle‘s first time modelling, and she did well.  I landed some pleasing images in the conditions I had pictured in my mind, which is always satisfying.

Shani Shines

As I wrote earlier today, this afternoon I had a portrait session planned with Shani.

The weather was perfect for what I had in mind, and at Carss Park, a place I had visit during my childhood, I shot a number of portraits of Shani in the park.

The theme was ‘summer girl in the park’, and I specifically wanted to use warm, available light and reflectors to capture Shani‘s beauty.

Here is one of the stand-out images from the session:



This image was shot mid-afternoon when the sunlight was still fairly harsh, but slowly becoming warmer.

I love the very slightly dishevelled, wind-swept look here, and the intensity of her eyes.  Using only natural light and a gold reflector or two, the sunlight was bounced back to reveal her eyes and complexion against the rich green grass in the background.

Later on, for the very brief period of time late in the afternoon when the sun was close to dipping behind the landscape, I captured Shani in actual golden hour light, but again made the most of reflectors rather than messing around with flashes.

If you have good light, why not use it?

Here is one of my favourite shots of Shani basking in the sunlight:

Shani at the Park

Shani at the Park

There will be more images to follow in the coming days, but for now I am very pleased with the images.

Shani has again shown herself to be a great model with a look that suits my style of portraiture.

Revisiting Sarah Jane

After looking at some portraits today, I felt inspired to trawl back through the archives of some portraits I shot last year.

In September of 2010 I photographed a fantastic young model called Sarah Jane Kelly.  The shoot took place at Berrima in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

I had photographed Sarah once before, but I wanted a country setting and some beautiful golden hour light.  I hit pay-dirt.

I landed some nice images of Sarah on the day, but only processed and published a few of them after the shoot.

Today I started looking at a few of the images, and found some, which after some time and with fresh eyes, stood out and looked worthy of processing and publishing.

Here is one of the images I captured of Sarah, which really shows what a wonderful model she is.

Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane

While I had my lighting equipment with me, I decided to make use of the fantastic natural light I had.  The sun was low in the sky to the rear right of Sarah, so I had an assistant hold a golden reflector dish to bounce the rich, warm light towards her face.

Brent Pearson’s Off-Camera Flash Workshop

Last Sunday I attended the first session of Brent Pearson’s latest workshop, this time covering off-camera flash, and shooting environmental or landscape-based portraits.

Now, I am not new to shooting landscapes, models or using off-camera lighting, but I always like to attend such workshops, as it rounds out my knowledge and experience, and I get the opportunity to mingle with people I have met as well as new people; and I have the potential to come home with some pleasing images.

To my delight, I achieved all of those objectives.

Here are two images from the session.  One features the funky Jackel in her inked glory, and the other features the elegant Chanelle.  The crazy makeup was the work of makeup artist Glitta Supernova.

Saucy Vandal

Saucy Vandal



If you have an interest in off-camera lighting and portraiture and have little or no experience with both, Brent’s off-camera flash workshop is well worth attending.  Even for someone seasoned, there is always the opportunity to refine knowledge or think about things differently.

Berrima Shoot with Sarah

Yesterday I headed down to Berrima in the NSW Southern Highlands for an afternoon portrait session in the country with Sarah.

The theme was country girl, and for a while leading up the shoot I had a particular type of shot and setting in mind.  The challenge was to find a location that resembled what my mind saw.

I am not sure if I quite found what I pre-visualised, but we did find a nice location five minutes from the centre of town, with a paddock containing horses, countryside hills in the background, a rusted, old barbed-wire fence, some old, rusted metal junk on the other side of the fence, and some distinctingly Australian bush and trees.

I shot a variety of images, but one of the images that I liked the most was this tightly-framed head-shot:

Berrima Girl

Berrima Girl

I took my lighting gear, but hardly used it.  I specifically wanted natural golden hour light, and I was able to achieve that with my gold-coloured reflector.  I was facing roughly north-north-west when I shot this image, and the rapidly-setting sun was dipping below at 45 degrees to the rear of Sarah‘s right.  By having my assistant hold my reflector dish at the right angle, I was able to bounce the beautiful golden light right back at Sarah to make her shine.

I have quite a few more images through which to sort, but this one was the most pleasing of the session, and one, typical of my style, which omits the background.