A Getaway to Jenolan Caves

For the past few days, we have called this magnificent Edwardian hotel – Caves House – home; for we headed to Jenolan, in the Blue Mountains, for a pre-Queen’s Birthday long weekend getway to reconnect with nature and give ourselves a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the big smoke.

Jenolan Caves House

Jenolan Caves House

During our stay at Caves House in Jenolan, we spent many hours immersed in the magnificence of 420 million-year-old limestone caves, adorned with calcite crystal formations which have developed over thousands and millions of years.

Over the coming days I will publish more images from our Jenolan Caves getaway, featuring not only this magnificent hotel, but the incredible formations in the six caves we visited.

I captured this image of our lodgings on the second night of our stay, having recently emerged from the Imperial-Diamond Cave, in time for the beautiful twilight that presented itself in the short time before we went for dinner.

I hope you enjoy this image. It will always remind me of the fantastic time we had here.


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