Dawn on Mt Mee

There is nothing more rewarding than heading out for a dawn landscape shoot in inclement weather, knowing that the conditions will probably be quite dreadful, and then encountering an utterly amazing sky during a small window of opportunity so familiar to landscape photographers.

This is an awesome sunrise on Mt Mee, north-west of Brisbane in Queensland.

Dawn on Mt Mee

Dawn on Mt Mee

During this shoot we only had a brief window of magic before the inclement conditions returned, and the rest of the day was grey, wet and gloomy.  You’d never know that such a sunrise happened on an otherwise dull day.

This is a new version of an older image, which I originally shot, processed and published in April of 2010.  I decided not to keep the original version I processed, and instead replaced it with this version.  It’s interesting to see how beneficial an extra three years of post-processing experience can be.


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