Ely Cathedral from the Outside

Ahead of our recent London trip, I knew we’d be visiting the city of Ely in Cambridgeshire, which is not far from the home of a friend of mine, whom we’d planned to visit, and with whom we had a great day.

I was very much hoping to photograph the interior of the cathedral, and fortunately I had the opportunity, as well as the approval of the staff.  Photography inside some cathedrals — such as St Paul’s in London and St Mary’s in Sydney — is specifically prohibited.

While I captured a series of images of the stunning interior of this 11th-13th century cathedral, I also — quite unusually — captured an exterior shot before venturing inside.

Here is the result:

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral

I positioned my camera quite close, and pointed upwards, resulting in the exaggerated perspective distortion.  A tilt/shift lens would have been ideal, but alas, I still don’t have one of those.  One of these days.

Ely Cathedral is definitely worth a visit, and it’s only a little over an hour away from London by train.


4 thoughts on “Ely Cathedral from the Outside

  1. Steve

    Hi Xenedis,
    Is this a single exposure or a HDR? I ask because I HDR nearly everything to try and get a well exposed image, but they don’t always blend as alias tic as I’d like. This shot of yours looks great.


    1. Xenedis Post author

      Hi Steve.

      This is indeed a multi-exposure blend.

      For my HDR work (mostly interiors) I typically capture seven or nine frames depending on the amount of contrast in the scene.

      For an outdoor image, I might capture five or seven frames.


  2. markshimazuphotography

    Great image. Regarding your comment about a T/S lens, Lightroom (as well as PS) does a great job of taking care of perspective correction. You can find it in the Lens Correction tab under “Manual” in LR and under Filters in PS (believe as I am not sitting in front of my PS machine right now). Although for this photo, I think you framed it too tight where you will lose some of the top of the cathedral. You should try it though, and you may find that you like it and can use it as part of your arsenal in the future.


    1. Xenedis Post author

      Thanks for your comments.

      I don’t use Lightroom, but yes, I very deliberately positioned my camera very close to the cathedral, so perspective correction was going to be hindered from the outset.

      If I had a tilt/shift lens, I’d certainly have used it and kept the vertical lines straight.



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