Ely Cathedral Epicentre

Today was our second day in England, during our whirlwind visit, and my first trip to England since the summer of 2000.

A month or two before the trip, I had made arrangements to meet up with an old friend of mine, whom I first met through an unrelated interest, and whom I visited on both of my previous visits.

This morning we caught a train from Kings Cross to Cambridge, where my friend and his wife met us.

We spent much of the day in the quaint, historic town of Ely, home to significant sites such as Oliver Cromwell’s house and the magnificent Ely Cathedral, which was built from 1083 to 1375.

This image is the first I shot of a series of interior architecural images, depicting the magnificance of Ely Cathedral.

Ely Cathedral Epicentre

Ely Cathedral Epicentre

Ely Cathedral is an architecturally stunning building, with a central octagonal lantern tower, visible in the centre of this image.

Of the cathedrals I have visited, Ely Cathedral so far has been the most impressive, as well as the oldest.

In the future I will publish more of my images of the cathedral’s interior.


4 thoughts on “Ely Cathedral Epicentre

  1. wilko61

    Beautiful image, it’s my favourite cathedral too. Did you like the story told by the tour-guides, where the specifications for the Octagon’ was given to some architecture students to design, and the result was “… it could not be built!”



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