The Result of Today’s Seascape Shoot

This morning I headed out with Danielle for a seascape shoot on Long Reef.

Our original plan was to head south to Austinmer, but the tide was not suitable for that location; it was, however, very suitable for Long Reef, and since Danielle had never been there, it made sense to go there.

The sky was quite unspectacular, but I did manage to land an “okay” image or two.

Pot Hole

Pot Hole

Today was the first seascape shoot I have done in 2013; my last outing was back in October of 2012, and it wasn’t a fruitful shoot.

Life has been busy for a while with various commitments, and this, combined with my distinct lack of motivation, has kept me well away from the wet stuff.

I was hoping for a magical sky this morning, but so typical of my seascaping experiences over the last six years, it didn’t happen.

I’ll need to find some more time and energy to put into seascaping, as there has to be a magic sunrise waiting for me to capture.


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