Revisiting Seascapes

This Easter long weekend has presented both the opportunity and desire to do something I haven’t done for a while: seascape photography.

The last time I shot a dawn or dusk seascape image was last October.  I wasn’t happy with my images from that morning, and never published anything from that shoot.  I might re-visit the images again this weekend and see if anything does appeal after all this time.

Life has been incredibly busy over the past year with travel and other commitments, and when I do have days free (not often), all I want to do is rest rather than wake up at 3am and head out for a dawn shoot.

However, on Monday, I’m heading into the pre-dawn darkness with Danielle, a friend of mine I met through photography, for what will be my first seascape shoot of 2013.  The place we’re going isn’t one I’ve visited before, but she has been there, and from what I’ve seen, the place looks promising.

In the mean time, here’s a ‘new old’ image from Turimetta during a dusk last winter:

Point to the Point

Point to the Point

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Seascapes

  1. markshimazuphotography

    Nice image. Looks like you were fortunate enough to have a nice sky, something that is often times hit and miss. I really like your composition, the foreground rocks do a beautiful job of directing the viewer’s eye into the image. This then leads the eye to the S-curve you created with the rocks on the opposite bank. The cliff with vegetation in the midground finishes the image off. I look forward so seeing more photos from your next trip out.



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