Off to Israel (Again) and London Too

We’ve just booked what will be our third overseas trip in the space of eight months.

We’re heading back to Israel for a wedding, but we’ve also decided to spend four or five days in London beforehand.

It has been nearly 13 years since I was last in Old London Town, and since we’re going to be in the neighbourhood (sort of), it makes a lot of sense to see one of my favourite cities again, especially since we’re not expecting to be in that part of the world again any time soon after this latest trip.

Naturally, photography will be a big part of the trip — at least, the London part of it.  I’ll be pursuing some of the cliché images, such as the Westminster and Tower Bridges at twilight, as well as the stunning interior of the Natural History Museum.

Of course, London has so much rich history and architecture, that there will be many other images to capture, with a different quality to the images I shot there years ago before I became serious about photography.

Other than our very recent Israel trip, photography has not been a high priority for me over the past few months; but knowing that London and Israel await us, and with some specific images in my mind, I am sure I will find some motivation to shoot again.


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