Photographic Mojo MIA

I’ve come to the realisation that my photographic mojo is missing in action.

During the past six to eight months, I have not spent a lot of time in the field.

The notable exception was our huge African trip last October, where wildlife photography — quite a deviation from my usual subject matter — was a massive part of that, and I came away with some extremely pleasing images and life-changing, unforgettable experiences.

Upon our return, I went on on seascaping session with a friend, who has got more into seacaping.  I was not pleased with my images from that morning, and consequently never published them.  I have not shot a seascape since.

For quite a few years, seascape imagery was my bread and butter, as it were.  I’d be out almost weekly or fortnightly, chasing pre-dawn images by the ocean.

We’ve recently returned from Israel, where I shot architectural interiors and the odd landscape.  I landed some images I’ve wanted.

However, since returning, I have not been motivated to shoot at all.

Being on six weeks’ leave, I have had plenty of time and opportunity, but I have elected not to bother heading out.

Right now my headspace is not so much pre-occupied with other matters; it’s just not in gear for photography at all.  Maybe next week I’ll head out for a dusk/twilight cityscape shoot, but it’s telling that I have not bothered to shoot at all.  Usually on my annual leave, I like to get out there at times when the schedules of daily life are not obstacles; but no, not this time.

Let’s hope my mojo returns.  Right now, it’s missing in action.

I’ve had these periods of downtime quite a few times now, and I recognise that I simply have to weather the storm, and wait until I get the itch again.  The most difficult part is not knowing when that desire will return.  It’s not gone; it’s just on holiday for an unspecified period.


4 thoughts on “Photographic Mojo MIA

  1. Malcolm Katon

    I know exactly how you feel John. I had 3 weeks off over Christmas and did really feel like heading out for any shoots. I shot a few portraits and live music events that I had committed myself to but other than that I didn’t have any interest.

    I went out shooting with a friend a few weekends ago and haven’t even bothered to look at the photos.


    1. Xenedis Post author

      I’ve been on leave for nearly six weeks, and we’ve had two trips during this time: one to the Snowy Mountains, and one to Israel, where, ironically, we saw more snow!

      My photographic mojo, apart from my exploits on those two trips plus Africa a few months ago, has been more or less absent for a while.

      I just cannot be bothered with it at the moment, despite seeing many images online all the time.



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