The Scrolls Cave of Qumran

During our visit to the Dead Sea, we visited Qumran, the site near the north-western shore of the Dead Sea, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were hidden and later discovered.

The Scrolls Cave of Qumran

The Scrolls Cave of Qumran

Unbelievably, due to the heavy rainfall over Israel during the earlier part of our trip, there is actually a waterfall at this location, which can barely be seen cascading down the middle peak in this scene.

A photo of the Caves of Qumran just does not do any justice to the place; it really needs to be seen with one’s own eyes.

On the day we were there, some foolhardy adventurers were located at the bottom of the valley.  Their 4WD vehicles can barely be seen.  High up on the plateau to the right, a police vehicle can be seen.  The police were yelling at the people below to get out.

While this area is arid desert, it is susceptible to flash floods, and indeed, we saw flooding further south past Ein Gedi.

Given sufficient rainfall, which Israel had certainly experienced in the days before and after our visit to Qumran, flooding can happen, with water cascading down those mountains as it makes its way to the Dead Sea about a mile away.  Were there to be a flood, there’d be little warning. A dventurers have been killed at this location before.

For Israelis, seeing water at this location and the numerous other places we visited in the area, is really quite a spectacle.  The sight of floodwater is harig (abnormal in Hebrew) in Israel.


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