Afrika se Nag Lug

One of the images I wanted to create during a four-day safari in Kruger Park, South Africa, was ironically not an image of the stunning wildlife, but a landscape image.

The Timbavati region of Kruger Park is a very diverse territory, with lush green foliage, as well as many dead or dead-like trees.

During a game drive, our ranger-driver Chad, knowing I wanted to shoot a long-exposure starfield image, pointed out this tree.

After an afternoon of spotting and photographing giraffes, white rhino (etc.) and chasing a leopard through the bush after sunset, we returned to the tree in the darkness, and I proceeded to create the image I had in my mind.

This is it.

Afrika se Nag Lug

Afrika se Nag Lug

The title, Afrika se Nag Lug, means “African Night Sky” in Afrikaans.

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