Off to South Africa Tomorrow

The eve of our departure has come: Tomorrow, we fly to South Africa for an intense, once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Our four-day private photographic safari in Kruger Park, Mpumalanga, begins on Thursday.  Leading us into an amazing world full of majestic creatures, quintessential African landscapes and amazing photographic opportunities is our crack-shot team of Mario Moreno and Chad Cocking, both excellent African wildlife photographers.

Upon our return from our safari and after a night of recovery in Johannesburg, we’ll fly down to Cape Town, where we’ll spend our time diving with white pointer sharks, sampling the pinotage in the famous wine region of Stellenbosch, and checking out Table Mountain and some of the sights of South Africa’s legislative capital.

We then depart Cape Town for Durban, grab a car, have lunch with the parents of our friend and bride-to-be, whose wedding was the catalyst for the trip; meet some other South African friends of ours who live not far from us here at home (but are somewhere in Japan right about now), and head about an hour out of Durban, where we’ll spend a few days in a game reserve, socialising with the other guests, taking game drives, attending the wedding, and generally unwinding from all the excitement leading up to it.

Hopefully somewhere in amongst all of that activity, I’ll have some time to process and publish some of my images from South Africa, as well as provide updates here about what we’re doing, seeing and experiencing — from a photographic perspective, of course.

Bring it on!

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