Africa Trip Developments

Since I first announced our upcoming trip to Africa, we’ve been busy planning and preparing.

We’ve finalised a private photographic safari in the Timbavati region of Kruger Park, South Africa, with excellent landscape/wildlife photogrpher Mario Moreno.  Check out his work.  It is going to be a tuly awesome safari, with up-close access to amazing animals, and even the chance of seeing and photographing the rare white lion.

The safari will consist of Mario, a ranger and us, all in a private vehicle with no tourists or self-drive safariers with which to content.

While the safari will undoubtedly be the highlight of the trip, we’ve also decided to do something a little different in Cape Town: we’re going diving with white pointer (aka great white) sharks.  I’ve never seen a white pointer in the wild, and to be submerged in a cage while these huge sharks swim around us will also be an incredible experience.

Unfortunately I don’t have an underwater camera housing (they’re seriously expensive), so the only shark photos I’m likely to take will be from the boat deck.

Everything has come together nicely, and the countdown to the trip of a lifetime is truly on.


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