A Second Portrait Session with Shani

Today I’m heading off for a second portrait session with Shani.

Our first session was drastically altered due to wet weather, but I still saw potential for a great shoot, so I changed the location (which would provide shelter) and the style of the shoot.

Amongst some very pleasing images we shot on the day was this image:

The Look

The Look

Today we’re heading to the original venue I had in mind, with the original theme I had in mind, under the original weather conditions I had in mind.

My intention is to utilise the availabile light as much as possible (which I also did during our first shoot), but I will have my most of my rig of lighting equipment with me in case we need it or decide to get a little more creative.

Shani is a great model, and I’m seeing some nice images in my mind for this afternoon’s shoot.


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