The Shoot that Almost Wasn’t

This morning before dawn I headed out for a seascape shooting session.

I was originally scheduled to head to the Northern Beaches district yesterday morning, but I knew that that the sky was going to be completely plain, so I decided to abandon that shoot.

Photographically, I dislike cloudless skies and won’t even get out of bed if the sky is going to be in that condition.  Before committing to a dawn shoot, I use a tool called SkippySky, which shows a visual representation of forecast cloud cover.  So far, it has been very accurate, and I rely on it when making a decision whether to proceed or abort.

Yesterday, I heard that this morning was looking promising.  I checked SkippySky, and it confirmed what I had heard.  Rather than drive a long way north after a long day and insufficient sleep, I decided to head to a spot much closer, which had yielded some very pleasing images several times in the past.

When the alarm clock assasulted me into consciousness at 5:15am, I was still feeling decidedly drained, and made the decision to go back to bed.

However, after a few minutes back in bed, I got that nagging feeling that I might miss a good sky and regret not venturing out to capture it, so I headed outside to check the sky, and there was plenty of decent cloud, just as SkippySky had predicted.

I shortly thereafter made the decision to head to my pre-determined destination and see what the morning would bring.

Here is one of the images I captured under this morning’s moody sky:

The Smoke Machine of the South

The Smoke Machine of the South

I am glad that I did decide to venture out, despite tiredness very nearly stopping me in my tracks.

While there wasn’t much colour in the sky, the scene was quite moody, and the light made exposure quite easy.  I shot a number of images along a rock shelf in South Cronulla, and concentrated on a few strong compositions with flowing/crashing water.

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