Gold in the Doldrums

This morning Xenedette and I headed to Long Reef on Sydney’s northern beaches, where we were to meet up with over 30 (yes, thirty) other photographers for a dawn seascape shoot followed by breakfast.

The morning looked to be promising, and Long Reef has traditionally been a location where I have achieved very pleasing images; but this morning, for me it was not to be.

There were some nice pinks and oranges in the sky, but I struggled with composition, which is quite unusual for me.  Normally I can plop my tripod, make a few adjustments, and see something that’s pleasing.  Not today.

I shot a series of compositions on the end of the reef, but they greatly disappointed me.  They were really quite mediocre.

I set very high standards for myself, and become exceedingly frustrated if I fail (in my own eyes) to meet them.

I was, and remain, very tempted to scrap the images.

There was really only one image which had any worth, and even then, it’s not something I’d give a high ranking.

Here’s the image:

Upsized McNugget

Upsized McNugget

Ironically, it was well after the pinks and oranges had gone, and the camera was facing the opposite direction.

Despite the photographic failure,  it was fun to meet up with 30+ other photographers, and have breakfast together later.


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