Don’t Put Your Life on the Line

With my recent re-ignition of my passion for seascape photography, it’s a good time to remind people of the dangers of seascape photography.

Back in 2010, I published an article on Tips for Safe Seascape Photography.

Earlier tonight, I encountered the following Australian-produced video segment, hosted by Andrew Ettingshausen, about rock fishing safety.

While the video is primarily aimed at rock fisherman, fishing isn’t the focus; the advice is generic, and applies equally to seascape photographers, who, like rock fisherman, stand on slippery rock shelves in sometimes dangerous conditions in pursuit of a nice ‘catch’.

The video echoes some of the advice I provided in my article, but also includes some extra advice which is food for thought, and may well be worth following.

Safety is always an important part of seascape photography, and there’s no time like the present to remind oneself of the dangers, and brush up on mitigation strategies.

Safe shooting!


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