Contrasting Conditions at Turimetta

Here are two vastly different images from the same dawn seascape shoot at Turimetta last Tuesday.



The first image above was taken shortly after arrival, and in the pre-dawn darkness, the moving water is abstracted to the point where its movement is almost invisible.  A sense of calm is evoked as the clump of seaweed sits stranded on the sand bank.

Nearly an hour later, I shot this image:

Northern Aspect

Northern Aspect

The above image is very different to the first, in that the distant brooding sky, turmoil in the water and calm, warm tones of the rocks provide contrast within the image itself, and also contrast with the earlier image.

This goes to show that it’s possible, in the same shoot at the same general location, to achieve varying images with a distinctly different look and feel.

3 thoughts on “Contrasting Conditions at Turimetta

  1. morsels|music

    Really like that first shot. It’s often difficult to get sharp and long exposures when shooting on sand. Out of interest, did you use light painting to light up the area around the seaweed?



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