560km Drive for a Windmill

Last Thursday, Dave, myself and our patient better halves headed out for a landscape photographic day trip in South-East Queensland, with the intention to shoot in the Bunya Mountains, followed by twilight and early evening at Lake Moogerah, many miles away.

Due to circumstances and dramatically changing weather (which basically foiled our plans for Lake Moogerah), we didn’t end up shooting much at all, but on the way down the New England Hwy between Toowoomba and Glengallan, I spotted a windmill in Allora, which we decided to stop and shoot.  We then found another windmill across the road, and shot that also.

While we were there, a storm cell could be seen to the south/south-east of Allora, and shortly after shooting, a few drops of rain started.

By that point, knowing that clouds, rain and storms were in the area, we had bailed on Moogerah and headed back to Cedar Creek via Brisbane for dinner.

Here’s the result of a 560km round trip, which basically yielded this one-and-only image:

Allora's Distant Storm

Allora’s Distant Storm



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