Sylvania Jetty Revisited

I decided to head out for a dawn shoot this morning after some scheduled overnight work.

I took my gear with me to work last night on the off-chance that the sky would be interesting, but by the time I departed the office after 4am, I was tired, and despite some potentially interesting cloud, I decided to head home.

After sitting at home for maybe 20 minutes, I came to my senses and went back out into the darkness.

The destination was Sylvania jetty.

Here are two of the images I shot this morning:

Sunrise over Holt's Point Jetty

Sunrise over Holt's Point Jetty


The Boat Ramp

The Boat Ramp


This was my second visit to Sylvania jetty in recent months, and while I generally don’t return to the same location within a short interval of time, the tidal and sky conditions were right, and it wasn’t a great effort to head there.

I’m glad I visited again.

It was pleasant just being there to see the colour of the sky and watch the world awaken, knowing that I’d soon enough be home in bed after working throughout the night.


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