ND Filter Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet

During an entirely sleepless night last night, I came up with the idea of compiling a cheat sheet for determining the correct shutter speed to use after applying ND filters of varying strengths.

Quite simply, it is a table which lists, in third-stop intervals, every unfiltered shutter speed from 1/8000th to 30 seconds, and the corresponding shutter speeds to use after reducing light intake from a range of one to six stops via the use of one or more ND filters.

This may come in handy for landscape photographers, and will save a bit of mental arithmetic when chasing the light in the pursuit of images.

My ND Filter Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet can be downloaded from the following URL:


I recommend that photographers print the cheat sheet and carry it in their camera bags to serve as a quick reference whenever it’s necessary to determine the correct shutter speed to use after, say, stacking two ND8 filters in front of the lens.

I hope people find it useful.


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