A Busy Weekend of Shooting: Circular Quay and White Bay Power Station

I’ve had quite a busy, productive and pleasing weekend of photography.

Saturday evening consisted of a single composition of Circular Quay at twilight.  Positioned on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, I shot this image of the Quay during blue hour:

Autumn Quay Twilight

Autumn Quay Twilight

I was quite pleased with how this image turned out, in terms of colour and composition.  Blue hour makes for such pleasing images — postcard material, even.

This morning’s shoot was of a subject matter entirely outside my usual choices.

The old White Bay power station in Rozelle hosted an open day this weekend, with 15-minute guided tours of the turbine hall on Saturday, and open access from 10am to 4pm on Sunday for photographers.  Tripods were allowed.

The place was an absolute mad house, with photographers descending from all corners of the globe to gain a rare view of the inside of the power station, which closed down in 1983 and is not publicly accessible.

I shot a series of images there this morning, focusing on a few key compositions.

This is the first image I processed and published:

White Bay Wheels and Pipes

White Bay Wheels and Pipes

I wanted to emphasise the rusty old machinery, and gritty, dirty charm of this place.

All in all, it was a very rewarding weekend, resulting in some new images which are pleasing to me.


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