Mount Mee Re-Visited

In January of this year I started experimenting with HDR (high dynamic range) imaging, and had very pleasing results, to the point where I’ve since been shooting most of my images with a specific view to producing HDR composites.

Post-processing is a constantly evolving process, whereby one learns new and in some cases better ways of doing things.

I decided to re-visit a series of dawn landscape images I shot at Mount Mee in Queensland back in April of 2010, and give some HDR treatment to a previously unpublished image.

While I applied HDR imaging to a series of four bracketed exposures, I also applied very selective processing to various parts of the image to control saturation, brightness and colour.

Here is the result:

Mount Mee Morning

Mount Mee Morning

I hope this image is as pleasing to others as it is to me.

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