A Massive (but Slight) Deviation

This afternoon I did something photographically far removed from my style and subject matter interests.

Here is the result:

Tulip Droplets

Tulip Droplets

A couple of key points:

  1. I rarely shoot macro images; and
  2. I don’t photograph flowers.

Yet, I photographed a flower with a macro lens.  That goes completely against ‘the rules’.

So, why did I shoot it?

I was recently given a nice bunch of tulips, and after I watered them during the week with a water spraygun and noticed the beaded drops of water on the petals, I thought with the colours of the tulips and the effect of the water, it would make a great subject for a photograph.

So this afternoon, I set about photographing the tulips.

This image did not come without its challenges, however.

Firstly, macro photography is not my forté.  Secondly, flowers just don’t interest me photographically.

From a more technical viewpoint, macro photography is challenging due to the extreme lack of depth of field.  The macro lens I have has a longer-than-usual focal length of 180mm, resulting in even less depth of field.

It was simply not going to be possible to have the whole tulip in focus with my primary subject being the water droplets.

How did I shoot it?

I positioned the tulips on a window sill to use natural light.

The camera was tripod-mounted, and I used mirror lockup and the countdown timer to make the exposure, after pre-focusing the lens and composing.

I held a blue tee-shirt behind the subject to provide a more interesting and colour-rich background, and I flashed an LED torch at the water droplets to provide a catchlight.

I hope the result is worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “A Massive (but Slight) Deviation

  1. Robert H Carney

    I see your work on Red Bubble as well as this newsletter. I also try to let you know you are appreciated. Your recent absence smack of burnout so I am sure the HDR and perhaps this floral shot will push you in a different direction which may get you excited again. Hope so. You are a great teacher and I respect your work!


    1. Xenedis Post author

      Thanks muchly, Robert.

      I have some plans for this year, but I’m not running at the same pace as previous years.

      I’m glad I’ve been able to impart some knowledge to you based on my experiences.



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