Archibald Fountain at Twilight

Tonight I had the opportunity for an evening twilight shoot.

I hadn’t shot a ‘scape since January, so it was time I headed out.

I decided to shoot the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park.  I arrived quite early and had some time to sit, think and watch the happenings around me.

I shot some daylight exposures, but naturally that wasn’t the light I sought, and I knew it.  Once the light was right, I shot properly, and this is the result:

Archibald Fountain at Twilight

Archibald Fountain at Twilight

This image is an HDR image blended from six identically-framed exposures ranging from 2.5 seconds to 80 seconds.

Evening twilight light is calling me.  I’ve done enough dawns for a while.  Evening twilight is much easier to manage.

One thing to note about this location is that achieving a good composition is difficult.  There’s a lot of subject matter at the scene, and a lot of background clutter in the way of trees and other distractions.

In my case, for my composition I wanted the fountain itself (the main subject), the cathedral (secondary subject) and the royal blue twilight sky to all feature prominently.   I also wanted to use typical rule-of-thirds composition, and position the waterfall so that its water spray was placed against the sky rather than the background clutter.


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