Darling Harbour by Twilight

Last night I had plans for some twilight photography.

This is one of the images I shot:

Darling Harbour by Twilight

Darling Harbour by Twilight

This image has been given HDR treatment with Photomatix Pro, with four exposures used to composite the HDR image.  Post-processing included:

  1. increasing overall exposure;
  2. manually blending parts of the lightest exposure into certain parts of the scene;
  3. increasing the blacks and mid-tones marginally;
  4. selective darkening of the sky;
  5. increasing the contrast in the sky;
  6. increasing the blue in most of the scene;
  7. cloning out of a few sensor dust bunnies in the sky;
  8. cloning out of some rubbish some cretin had left on the deck;
  9. increasing overall contrast; and
  10. sharpening.

I also had two ND8 filters and a GND8 filter attached, as I wanted long exposures to blur the clouds and ‘silkify’ the water.

Note that this is my first outdoor HDR image.


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