Queen Victoria Building Interior – HDR

In my previous article I discussed how I was inspired to experiment with HDR imaging.

Since that article, I have bought a Photomatix Pro licence and produced my first HDR image from a series of seven bracketed images I shot of the same scene inside Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building early this morning.

The images are a stop apart in exposure, ranging from -3EV to +3EV.

Here is the result of my first serious attempt at HDR imaging:

Queen Victoria Building Interior

Queen Victoria Building Interior

I hope it does not look overdone.


9 thoughts on “Queen Victoria Building Interior – HDR

  1. Allan

    Not overdone at all. No visible haloing at this resolution and contrast between inside and outside (through the arches on the left) looks quite natural with a higher blue cast. The inside looks warm and inviting with good detail in the shadows and highlights. The roof in the top right looks a little blown if I had to be picky, but definitely one of the better HDR shots I’ve seen in a while. Well done.

    Would be interesting to see the “freaky detail” applied to this. see http://www.scottkelby.com/blog/2010/archives/8691 if you don’t know about this. Would add a slightly different element to the shot.

    1. Xenedis Post author

      Thanks Allan. I am very glad to hear here and elsewhere that ‘overcooked’ isn’t a word people would use to describe this image.

      I certainly have heard of ‘Freaky Detail’, but haven’t tried it on any of my images. It might be worth a look.

    1. Xenedis Post author

      Wow — thanks Robert!

      Encouraging comments like yours make me want to get out there and create more images.

      I do have a new project I’ve set for myself this year, and it will be a significant deviation from the heavily seascape-oriented images I’ve shot over the past several years. I’ve found something I want to do, and I’ll be making a start soon.

  2. Andrew

    That’s an incredible job you’ve done there! To be honest until now I don’t think I’ve come across an HDR that I liked, but with that shot you have harnessed the power of HDR remarkably well and I love it! You really know how to control your lighting (both in-camera and through the software) to give optimum results.

    One question, how difficult was it getting the shots without any people walking through the frame?


    1. Xenedis Post author

      Thanks Andrew! That’s a huge compliment to give, especially as it’s my first HDR image.

      I’ve had a few questions in various places about how I avoided people. It’s actually easy: shoot there between 8am and 8:40am. The shops on the upper levels are not open yet, and there are very few people wandering around those parts of the building.

  3. Harry

    Well done John, I would not associate a HDR process with this image. Awesome!!!
    Nice to see that you have set yourself a project this year… looking forward in seeing more from you.


  4. Mike

    Yes, that is a fantastic shot you have there. Apparently that learning curve comment went right out the window…..this image is suburb in every way. Care to share your basic settings if you remember?


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