Summer Sunset over Long Reef

Until this week I hadn’t shot a seascape (or much of anything) for quite a few months.

I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts, and generally disinterested in photographing or being involved with much concerning photography.

On Wednesday night I took Brisbanite Dave to Long Reef, a location on Sydney’s Northern Beaches which has always been a source of pleasing images.  It was a location Dave had not visited before, and with it being one of the best seascape locations in Sydney, he had to experience it.

Unusually for me, this was a dusk shoot (I mostly shoot dawns), but the timing was right as far as the tide (Long Reef really needs a low tide for best results), and we both were secretively (or perhaps not so secretively) happy not to be getting out of bed at 3am.

Here is an image I captured minutes before sunset:


Summer Sunset over Long Reef

Summer Sunset over Long Reef

I’m very pleased with this image in terms of the sky, the composition and the colours.

This scene alone was well worth the trip.

5 thoughts on “Summer Sunset over Long Reef

    1. Xenedis Post author

      Many thanks, Robert. Comments like yours make it all worthwhile.

      I am slowly but surely easing my way back into photography after a several-month hiatus. I have some other things I want to do (photographically), so I’ll be starting that new project soon.



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