iPhone Alarm Bug during Daylight Savings Time

This week I discovered an annoying problem with the alarm clock built into the iPhone.

Last night I had the alarm set to 6:50pm, but it went off one hour earlier.

This afternoon I tried setting it for a specified time, and discovered it didn’t go off at the specified time.

I looked around the Web, and found a discussion about the problem.

There seems to be a bug triggered by daylight savings time taking effect.

One post on a forum suggested setting the timezone to Vladivostok, Russia (GMT +11), but I tried this to no avail.

Another post indicated that the problem occurs with recurring alarms.  If the alarm is set to a one-off occurrence, it signals at the correct time.  When I tried this, the alarm went off when it was supposed to do so.

Until Apple fixes the bug, users have two options, both of which are non-optimal:

  1. set recurring alarms to one hour later; or
  2. set one-off alarms every time.

Hopefully this advice will help those who have been bitten by the bug, or who will eventually be bitten by the bug, with disastrous consequences.


6 thoughts on “iPhone Alarm Bug during Daylight Savings Time

      1. Adrian Try

        This Queenslander suffered a different iPhone alarm problem on Sunday. My iPhone syncs with the Optus server, and the Optus server must have been set to Sydney time. So even though we don’t have Daylight Savings, my alarm went off an hour early.

        Trouble is, I didn’t realise it went off an hour early – my iPhone told me it was the time I was expecting. So I jumped out of bed and raced to the shower to start my day, being none the wiser.

        When I realised, I went looking for the setting that tells the phone not to sync the time to the server. And just as I found the setting, I noticed that my iPhone had the correct Queensland time, so I didn’t change it.

        I don’t know what they eat for breakfast at Optus Brisbane, but the next day their server was set to Sydney time again, and my alarm went off an hour early. Thanks Optus! Since then they’ve fortunately stayed on Queensland time.



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