A Familiar Jetty Re-Visited

I felt like a dusk shoot tonight, and knowing that the tide would be high at the time I wanted to shoot, I headed to a jetty I’ve photographed a few times before.

I had never been there at twilight, nor been there when the tide was high; but this is definitely a location best shot at high tide.  During low tide there is a lot of mud.

I wanted silky smooth water and twilight colour, and I’m pleased to say that I achieved both.  Here’s the stand-out image I captured:

Gwawley Bay at Twilight

Gwawley Bay at Twilight

The sky didn’t put on a magical show, but there was some nice pink cloud in this image which nicely offsets the cool blues and greens.  It’s enough to add interest in the sky.

There was a fair amount of ambient light at the time, and I achieved this shot by stacking my two ND8 filters with my GND4 filter to blur the water.

Exposure was for 30 seconds at f/8 and ISO 100.


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