Berrima Shoot with Sarah

Yesterday I headed down to Berrima in the NSW Southern Highlands for an afternoon portrait session in the country with Sarah.

The theme was country girl, and for a while leading up the shoot I had a particular type of shot and setting in mind.  The challenge was to find a location that resembled what my mind saw.

I’m not sure if I quite found what I pre-visualised, but we did find a nice location five minutes from the centre of town, with a paddock containing horses, countryside hills in the background, a rusted, old barbed-wire fence, some old, rusted metal junk on the other side of the fence, and some distinctingly Australian bush and trees.

I shot a variety of images, but one of the images that I liked the most was this tightly-framed head-shot:

Berrima Girl

Berrima Girl

I took my lighting gear, but hardly used it.  I specifically wanted natural golden hour light, and I was able to achieve that with my gold-coloured reflector.  I was facing roughly north-north-west when I shot this image, and the rapidly-setting sun was dipping below at 45 degrees to the rear of Sarah’s right.  By having my assistant hold my reflector dish at the right angle, I was able to bounce the beautiful golden light right back at Sarah to make her shine.

I have quite a few more images through which to sort, but this one was the most pleasing of the session, and one, typical of my style, which omits the background.


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