Cloud Cover Prediction Tool

I picked up a real gem from Brent’s blog last weekend.

He’s learned of a Web-based tool called SkippySky Astro-Weather Forecast, which shows a visual map of cloud cover, including percentages, with breakdown of cloud cover (ie, high, middle, low and total).

This tool might prove very handy for seascape/landscape photographers who, like myself, long for good clouds in the sky.

Check it out at

Making use of SkippySky could certainly avoid the immense frustration of turning up somewhere to be assaulted with a plain sky which is utterly boring and extremely difficult to photograph when facing the east in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Cloud Cover Prediction Tool

  1. Andrew Cool

    Glad you guys like SkippySky, but as the guy who runs the site, can I point out that the contoured colours are in deciles, i.e. the darkest blue does *not* necessarily mean No Clouds, but rather a range of clouds from 0%..10%. The next colour in the scale means 11%..20%, etc, etc.

    Also, each 3 hour period is an average of the forecast conditions, so my advice is to think in terms of *trends* in what’s likely to happen, rather than expecting an exact set of conditions over your position.

    Nevertheless, with all those conditions on its usefulness, astronomers seem to think that it’s more useful then the Bureau of Met’s typical “Fine with some cloud…” ;-)

    There is a link to an online Help file with further explanation.


    Andrew Cool



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