Camp Cove Twilight

Most of my outdoor landscape/seascape photography takes place around dawn.

Tonight I broke with tradition and shot at dusk.  Sure, I’m still incredibly fussy about light and tend to avoid the bright, glary stuff which is present for most daylight hours, but dusk produces some pleasing results and is much easier on the system (no 4am starts).

Some friends and I headed to Camp Cove in Watson’s Bay, and shot this hut-like structure as the day’s light was rapidly fading behind the city in the distance.

Camp Cove at Twilight

Camp Cove at Twilight

It was an enjoyable night, spent consuming cheese, crackers and wine, and having plenty of laughs.

I brought my trusty Maglite 6D torch and light-painted the hut, which would otherwise have appeared in silhouette.  My Maglite’s batteries are somewhat elderly, so the light’s intensity has diminished considerably, as well as taken on a warmer tone.

I think the warm tone nicely complements the cool wintery blues in the sky and water.

An enjoyable night, and an image different to my usual offering of dawn seascapes.


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