A Nice Morning in the Gong

A few of my seascaping mates and I headed down to Wollongong Harbour at dawn this morning for a seascape shoot.

The forecast was for periodic showers, and driving down in the dark, I experienced downpours and the occasional flash of lightning.

I looked at the sky, and was delighted to see clear patches here and there, which indicated that the morning would not be a completely overcast, grey mess.

As the light increased, some great shooting opportunities presented themselves.

South of Wollongong Harbour is a fantastic rock shelf with a lot of great views.  Here’s one:

Gong For Shore

Gong For Shore

Wollongong Harbour and the surrounding area has such enormous photographic potential, with so many interesting scenes to shoot, that it easily warrants a good three or four visits to shoot the area properly.

Photographic interest includes:

  • rock shelves;
  • tidal pools;
  • two lighthouses;
  • two breakwaters;
  • jetties;
  • moored boats;
  • concrete walls and structures; and
  • old cannons on the hill.

Here’s my view of one of the cannons overlooking the sea:

I Shoot with a Can(n)on

I Shoot with a Can(n)on

I have a few more pleasing images from this morning’s session, and will process and publish those in due course.

All in all, Wollongong Harbour makes a great location for a photoshoot and has a lot to offer.  We were lucky that the conditions this morning were moody, dramatic and easy on exposure.


2 thoughts on “A Nice Morning in the Gong

  1. timwratephotography

    Nice work here Johnno, I particularly like the ‘Gong for Sure’ image that you have posted in this article. It has a great brooding atmosphere to it – must be the angry skies!


    1. Xenedis Post author

      Thanks Tim.

      Yes, the sky as you know makes a massive difference to a seascape image.

      It would be nice to experience dramatic skies more often than the five (yes, five) I’ve seen this year.



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