Finally, a Good Sky

I headed out to Narrabeen and Turimetta for a dawn seascape with a group of friends from AusPhotography, and finally was greeted with a good sky.  Of the numerous dawn shoots I’ve done this year, this is the fourth good sky I’ve seen.  It has been a struggle, and immensely frustrating at that.

While most of the group lingered around the tidal pool at Narrabeen, I splish-splashed my way north to Turimetta.  The high tide prevented access to Turimetta Beach and its famous gorge, but I did capture some pleasing imagery nearby, such as this:

Turimetta Blues

Turimetta Blues

I captured quite a few dramatic scenes of the gorge a little further south at Narrabeen, and will post those at a later stage.

It was definitely pleasing to be greeted with a colourful, cloud-laden sky.  It makes shooting so much easier and so much more enjoyable!

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