Photographers: Fight for your Freedom

As many photographers would know, the establishment (and even the general public) has been gradually but surely eroding our rights as photographers to photograph who and what is around us.

Areas such as the Sydney Harbour foreshore and Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) are strictly regulated as far as photography is concerned.

In many cases it is no longer safe or even permissible for parents to photograph their children performing in school activities or playing sports for fear of being branded sexual perverts by ignorant members of the general public, or told “no, you cannot do that” because some commercial photographer has exclusive rights over photography of an event.

Well-known Australian photographer Ken Duncan is organising a rally in Sydney to be held at Campbell’s Cove on 29 August, 2010, from 10am to 12pm to raise awareness of the issues that are eroding photographers’ rights.

Full information about the rally can be found at the Arts Freedom Australia site, and Ken has posted a video (see above) explaining the situation and encouraging photographers to stand up for their rights.

I for one will be attending, and I’d urge anyone in Sydney to attend this rally and collectively defend our rights to photograph the world around us without being restricted or totally outlawed by bureaucracy, ignorance and paranoia.


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