Photography Workshops in Sydney

I thought I’d give some plugs to some photographer friends of mine who run excellent photography workshops covering both the theory and practice of great photography.

The first is Brent Pearson, who has developed and run a series of successful seascape and and night light painting workshops.

I attended the first workshops Brent ran on both of these subjects/styles, and they were very informative and enjoyable workshops, which landed me some very pleasing and award-winning images.  Both workshops run over a consecutive Saturday and Sunday.

Seascape Workshop

In the seascape workshop, Brent takes course participants through the theory, equipment and techniques used in seascape photography on the Saturday afternoon, followed by a twilight/evening seascape shoot at Turimetta Beach at Warriewood in Sydney’s north.

Sunday commences very early with a dawn shoot at Turimetta, followed by breakfast and a morning of post-processing theory and practice using Adobe Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop, as well as plugin filters from the likes of Nik Software.

On the Sunday morning when I attended, two other hard-core seascapers and myself headed north to Turimetta head, while the rest of the group stayed at the south end of the beach.  This was one of the images I captured:

Fire Water Burn

Fire Water Burn

Light Painting Workshop

The light painting workshop begins on a Saturday afternoon, whereby Brent takes course participants through the theory and practical challenges of light painting.  During this session he demonstrates the various lighting tools he has, and shows examples of what these can achieve.  Participants can “oooh” and “ahhh” at the pretty lights and funky effects in the comfort of a darkened room.

The evening finishes with a dinner and a photoshoot at Middle Head Fort, where participants get to shoot creative long-exposure images using the lights.

Day two takes place on a Sunday afternoon, and covers the theory and practical components to the post-processing and compositing of the images which participants captured on the Saturday night.

The following image was my pièce de résistance for the evening:

Fire or Flood?

Fire or Flood?

In a future blog entry, I’ll provide details on how I shot and processed this image.

In Closing

Both courses are well worth attending, and will expand the horizons of any photographer looking to take a step up, or branch into something new.

Both courses were attended by beginner, intermediate and advanced photographers, and the course material caters for everyone.

Stay tuned for a future blog entry, in which I will introduce the newly-devised Brisbane photography workshops conducted by photographers David de Groot and Kane Gledhill.


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