Got a Nice Image? Print it!

I’ve never been one to indulge in photographic prints, but I’ve captured two seascapes this year which I count amongst my best work, and which I really wanted to hang on my walls.

I have a somewhat dated (but still very capable) Epson Photo Stylus R210 photographic ink-jet printer (I bought it in 2003 or s0).  However, it cannot print any larger than A4.  I wanted big prints.

Enter RedBubble, which currently has an extra 10% discount on prints, tees et al.  As I have a gallery there which features the two aforementioned images, it was simply a matter of ordering the largest prints available, and receiving a further discount on top of what I already receive when purchasing prints of my own work.  Score!

So, last week I ordered 600mm x 400mm prints (approximately A2 in size) prints, and they were delivered today.

I’ve just hung them on the loungeroom walls, and they look great!

These are the images:

Together Alone

Together Alone

Southern Mist

Southern Mist

So, if you have an image which you really like, print it and print it big!

There’s nothing quite like seeing your own work as a fine-art print.

3 thoughts on “Got a Nice Image? Print it!

  1. photographybyodille

    Lovely images. Can I ask what size/format do you upload to redbubble? First my images were too small. Then last week I tried again, too large. I want to put some up with a view to doing a calendar, but I have some I’d like printed.

    Can you tell me length/width/size and format (jpg, tiff, png)? I’d be very grateful.

    Cheers, Odille


    1. Xenedis Post author

      I upload full-size images in JPG format.

      I’ve shot with three DSLRs since 2005, so assuming there was no cropping, the image resolutions would be as follows:

      Canon EOS 20D: 3,504 x 2,336 pixels
      Canon EOS 5D: 4,368 x 2,912 pixels
      Canon EOS 5D Mark II: 5,616 x 3,744 pixels

      As far as aspect ratios, I am very partial to 3:2 or 1:1 in square format, so when cropping, I preserve those aspect ratios.

      Some of my older images may not be in any particular aspect ratio.



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