The Dawn of a New Day

Welcome to what, for me, is a new adventure and a new outlet as part of my photographic experience.

As I have become more and more involved in various photographic communities, I have been inspired to create my own blog in order to share:

  1. images I’ve captured;
  2. the adventures behind my photographic outings;
  3. general photographic advice;
  4. information about gear; and
  5. my post-processing tutorials.

Hopefully readers will find some value here.

I have some pre-written content I’m looking forward to sharing here, so stay tuned for some handy advice and some post-processing tutorials which show the behind-the-scenes work which went into some of my images.


7 thoughts on “The Dawn of a New Day

  1. David

    I agree, if you are going to do seascapes you need to cover your gear with insurance. A simple quick dunk is enough to kill a camera body. Congrats on the blog. I’ll be watching


  2. Jules

    Nice to see you’re up and running so quickly. I’ll be checking in often and I’m looking forward to seeing your blog grow. Bring on the PP tutorials!


    1. Xenedis Post author

      Thanks Jules.

      I have a few post-processing tutorials to publish, plus some behind-the-scenes information on how I created a few of my shots in-camera.

      Looking forward to sharing these and inspiring others to give it a go.



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